As you’ve probably guessed, I’m Katie. I’m 24 years old and I’m a student. I’m currently studying English and Creative Writing at Brunel University.

I was born in Kingston, but grew up in Cornwall and have a deep-seated love of the beach, the quiet and farmyard animals. I now live in Greater London enjoying the sights, sounds and shopping of the capital.

This blog and I are alike, insofar that both it and I are a work in progress. We’re constantly changing, progressing I hope, are both constantly striving to find our voice. I purchased the URL back in 2014, unsure of what direction the site or I would take. With a little elbow grease, and the odd coding here and there, What Katie Did Next has grown into my pride and joy.

It’s a terrifying thing, putting yourself out there on the web, as they say, the internet is forever. But with a little encouragement (and a module on Writing Journalism) I slowly began to publish my thoughts here for the world to read. While this blog was, originally, intended for my own benefit, it has evolved into something entirely different.

I want my readers to experience life alongside me. Whether it’s journeying to Piazza San Marco arm-in-arm, on a surprisingly sunny afternoon in February. Or to taste the questionable but affordable fare from my local kebab shop down the street. I want you to discover the latest fall fashions with me and the best beauty buys for your skin tone. I want subscribers to be there for every step, like an anonymous pen pal, and I hope you enjoy reading my words as much as I enjoy writing them.

Quick Fun Facts

  • I have pet llamas at home (yes, you read that right, llamas.)
  • I’m a big fan of country music.
  • My favourite superhero is Captain America (go ahead, ask me why.)
  • I love running every other time than when I’m actually running.
  • I have yet to pass my driving test, but I’m working on it.

Don’t be shy, drop me a comment or email (under Contact Me) to let me know your thoughts or to answer your queries.

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All the best,

Yours Truly.



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