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I used to be guilty of wearing prescription-free glasses as a fashion statement. Apparently, the universe took this as a sign. After months of squinting, headaches and a noticeable decline in my sight, I booked an eye test. Turns out that not only did I need glasses, but I’ve got a considerable disparity between my left and right eyes.

As my tagline is “living luxuriously for less”, I thought I’d share. I managed to get my Boots eye test for only £10 (reduced from £25) using a voucher that can be printed out here. Keep an eye on the expiration date in the fine print, as these coupons are regularly updated

After getting my prescription, I was faced with the mammoth task of finding the perfect pair of glasses.

Balmain for Specsavers

I trawled through pages of options before finally settling on a pair of Balmain for Specsavers glasses. The pair I’m wearing as I write this post are rather unglamorously titled BL1513S. However, that is pretty much the only unglamorous thing about them.  Their low-key tortoise shell pattern is softer  than similar black frames. Their braided silver arms are eye-catching and perfected with an engraved Balmain logo. And they’re finished off with complementary marbled tips to fit snugly against your ears. Their cat-eye shape and overall aesthetic is the perfect blend of professional and fashionable.

Now, while I could wax poetic endlessly about their design, the real question is: how practical is the Balmain for Specsavers range?

Firstly, let’s talk cost. I found that sites such as offer similar styles for appealing prices. However, when it came time to configure my prescription, the price almost instantly doubled. Recommended extras, such as thin lenses and anti-reflective coating, hike up the fee. For example, a pair of £89 Kate Spade Johnna frames had jumped to £207 by the time I’d added them to cart. The relevance of this? It turns out that with Specsavers 2-for-1 deal, you can get two complete pairs of glasses from the Balmain for Specsavers range for only £169.

The 2-for-1 deal also isn’t limited to the Balmain collection (which you can find here). For my second pair, I chose these Tommy Hilfiger TH82 glasses, for a more casual look. This complete price includes single vision lenses. However, I opted to pay an additional £45 to get extra thin lenses on my Balmain pair, which also included anti-reflective coating. So, at just over £100 per pair, for me, these luxury specs turned out cheaper than most online retailers I found.

Tech Specs and Good-to-Know

It’s worth mentioning that these glasses comes with standard single vision lenses, a scratch-resistant treatment and a Balmain case and cloth.

For those (me) with larger or wider faces, the frames are great. The lens frames are 54mm by 42.7mm. The bridge measures 14mm and the arms 140mm. While these measurements are great for general reference, I’d advise heading to your local Specsavers. For such a big investment, I’d advise taking time to try different styles. Also, trained professionals will be able to help you with more complicated matters such as your pupillary distance.

In terms of comfort, I’m still very much getting used to wearing glasses almost full time. But overall, it’s almost too easy to forget I’m even wearing them.

So, it’s probably obvious by now that I highly recommend these glasses. Not only is their style somehow both edgy and classic but their price really seals the deal. So go ahead, and get a little Balmain for your face, with the Balmain for Specsavers collection.


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