5 Quick Tips for New Bloggers

5 Great Bloggers Tips They Don’t Want You To Know

  1. Check the weather. When the weather is poor, as is often here in Blighty, check out that new exhibit at the V&A that you desperately wanted to see or go watch that film you want to review. Natural light,  and therefore clear weather, is better for taking blogworthy pictures. So plan your blogging around the weather as best you can.
  2. Keep your colour scheme consistent. Make a note of the colour HEX codes you use, it will save you having to meander back through your settings every few minutes.  Try colourlovers.com to find brilliant palettes which, blessedly, also list a variety of codes to help you personalise your blog.
  3. Tweak your blog constantly. Personalise it to the hilt. Add a profile shot. Update your “About Me” page. Connect your social media profiles. Optimise your navigation. Format your font for readability.
  4. Don’t forget a “Contact” page. Whether you’re wanting to blog to vent your frustrations or in the hopes of it becoming your new career, make sure your readers can get in touch. Reply to their comments, show your gratitude that they took time out of their day to reach out. Adding a contact page adds another medium through which people can interact and it gives your page an “official” vibe.
  5. Blogging takes time – more time than you think. Between editing your photos, finding your bloggers voice and perfecting post format, you should set aside a decent chunk of time to put it all together. Whether it takes an hour or six, allow yourself an extra 25%-50% leeway to dot your “is” and cross your “ts”.

For more help try these killer posts: How To Rock Your About Me Page (by A Problem Like Maria) & 17 Things You Should Do To Every Blog Post Before + After You Hit Publish (by Melissa Griffin)

What are your best tips and tricks for new bloggers? Any advice you wish was given to you before you began blogging? Comment below and share!




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