5 Shows on Netflix You Need to Watch

5 Shows You Need to Watch on Netflix (Graphic)

Looking for a way to switch off after your 9-to-5 but would rather fake your own death than head out for another night on the town? Here are 5 great shows on Netflix to marathon instead.

Love Daredevil? Watch Jessica Jones.

The MCU (or Marvel Cinematic Universe) is slowly but surely taking over the world, not that I’m complaining. Netflix’s domination began with the release of Daredevil and will culminate in one ultimate show combining 4 kick-ass Hell’s Kitchen heroes. Jessica Jones is the second instalment in the comic-inspired collection.

Ms Jones is not your average PI. With her super strength and scathing sarcasm, she skirts the line between good and disinterest in search of an old enemy that wields the power of controlling minds. Hooked yet? It’s gritty, emotional and powerfully symbolic. But if you’re looking for the star-spangled patriot type, beware, Jessica Jones, is a cynical sleuth with a questionable moral compass and an alcohol dependency problem.

Love American Horror Story? Watch Scream.


While a little cushier than American Horror Story, Scream The TV Series is sure to have you sleeping with the lights on. This teen-centric slasher-cum-whodunnit will have you addicted instantly. Be warned, it can get mighty gory. People’s insides end up on the outside, and there’s more knife wielding than a sushi kitchen. What else would you expect from a TV show about a serial killer in a surgical mask?  However, the plot is rich and will leave you on the edge of your seat, constantly wondering who you can trust and whether you’re favourite character will survive the season. Take a couple of hours to enjoy the suspense; just, whatever you do, do not ever say that you’ll “be right back.”

Love Teen Wolf? Watch Hemlock Grove.

Hemlock Grove could be considered the love child of Twilight and Teen Wolf, with less sparkle and more “grrr.” An air of mystery hangs heavy over the first season. There’s everything from werewolves, to human experimentation with a featherlight touch of necrophilia. The show, while stunningly made, is not for the faint of heart. When Peter Rumancek moves into the sleepy (fictional) town of Hemlock Grove, strange things start happenings – things like bodies showing up. Teaming up with wealthy heir Roman Godfrey, Rumancek seeks to uncover a killer and the pair inadvertently expose their family secrets in the process. On a side note, the men are pretty good looking, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


In need of some levity after a long day working away at your side hustle? Brooklyn Nine-Nine is guaranteed laughs. With a perfectly diverse cast and an even more diverse range of comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is, assuredly, one of my favourite shows on air. It follows the lives of a mish-mashed collection of cops clumsily fight crime in their Brooklyn precinct. Each character has their own unique personality and their overall arcs show amazing development. You’ll see yourself in their childish, angry, robotic, neurotic or delusional personalities (I’m Amy, and my boyfriend is Jake, obvi.) Brainchild of lead Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine ushers in a welcome era of PC comedy. Each episode is only around 25 minutes, so take an hour or two to relax and let yourself laugh.

Love Catfish? Watch talhotblond:

talhotblond takes the theory of catfishing and ratchets it up to eleven. While technically not a show, this feature is worth the hour and 15 minutes of your time. Talhotblond tells the true story of Tommy, the teenage Marine sniper, as he falls in love with Jessi the 18-year-old stunner who he met online. Sound dull? Now what if I were to tell you that Tommy, is actually 47-year-old husband and father of three Thomas Montgomery? There’s murder and mystery in this information age documentary that has you playing detective at every weird plot twist. It’s impossible to tell you much more without giving the game away. I guess you’ll just have to watch it and see.

What about you? Any shows on Netflix you’d recommend as a must see? Comment below!

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