The Perfect Basic Make-Up Bag

With a million brands and bajillion shades to chose from creating a basic make-up kit is daunting. Here’s a collection of great beauty staples for you that form a strong core collection. Apply in order for a fresh, healthy glow and an everyday natural look.

1. thisworks In Transit Camera Close-Up 40ml 

This nifty pick-me-up is my ultimate beauty go-to. As it aptly says on the tin, this works. I use it largely as a primer. The combined moisturising and mask factors, however, are great for when you’ve been negligent with your skincare routine.  It blurs those pesky fatigue lines, and generally smooths your complexion, an ideal base for foundation. As an added bonus, it’s delightfully light and absorbs quickly, great if you’re in a hurry.

Available from Very Exclusive for £30

2. Benefit Puff Off! 


Whether you’ve been hitting the bars too hard or had a late night working on your side hustle, this is for you. While good make-up is no substitute for a good nights sleep, this certainly helps cover up the evidence. The cute iron-shaped applicator helps you cover all those under eye nooks and crannies.  This eye brightening wand is tinted and so may not suit every skin tone – blend it under your foundation to remedy this. Let it do it’s magic and you should find your eyes brighter and less puffy.

Available from Benefit Cosmetics for £22.50

3. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H 


This lovely Lancôme foundation was actually my first big girl make-up buy. I stick by it to this day. It’s full coverage formula hides any unsightly blotches or spots, but can be used sparingly to even and clarify your complexion. A major selling point for me was the variety of shades for pale complexions. When you’re skin is so white you look like Casper’s distant cousin, foundation can be unforgiving. I found Lancôme’s Teint Idole, when properly matched to your skin tone, avoids any embarrassing orange mishaps.

Available from Lancôme for £30

4. taste Rainforest of the Sea™ Double-Ended Foundation Brush


Finding the perfect make-up brush is kind of like finding the perfect partner. Some are too rough and abrasive, some miss the important bits, and two are always better than one. That’s why this tarte Double-Ended brush is such a good investment.  A blooming Kabuki-style tip for sweeping the apples of the cheeks and across the forehead. And a jauntily angled short tip for covering the corners around the eyes and hairline. A perfect compromise.

Available from Sephora for $34

5. Benefit Watt’s Up! Soft Focus Highlighter for Face


I had been reluctant to jump on the highlighting bandwagon for a the longest time. The endless streams of complicated application diagrams seemed incredibly daunting. Fortunately, this nifty tool helped to simplify it for me. Apply this this highlighter gently to “strobe” your T-zone, cheekbones and under-eyebrow for a dewy glow that brightens your entire complexion. This is a great cheat for those who aren’t confident with contouring, and if you need a fix on the go, as it doubles as it’s own smudging sponge.

Available from Benefit Cosmetics for £24.50



Never underestimate the power of a good mascara wand. The elastomer bristles are perfect for dispersing a flawless coverage of mascara across all your lashes. The waxy formula helps provide a bright, eye-popping finish and is available in a handful of bright colours seldom found in cosmetic aisles.  While perhaps a little towards the pricey end of the budget, the Dior Addict It-Lash will help avoid any glaring clump disasters.

Available from Feel Unique for £23

7. Softlips Classic Vanilla 

I’ve searched far and wide for a no-fail lip treatment to provide a good base for my lipstick. This dirt cheap delight does just the trick. Surprisingly, SoftLips balm does, in fact, bless you with soft lips. However,  it’s the delicious flavour and generous price tag that really sweetens the deal. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find in UK stores but postage and packaging are a small price to pay for truly kissable lips.

Available from the Soft Lips Store for $2.99

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